15 de December de 2016

Luiz Rocha, Deraldo Silva and Ione Malta are the winners of the campaign





  • First campaign exceeds expectations with dozens of stories entered.
  • Achievement, entrepreneurship and determination are some of the highlights in the winning stories.
  • Company confirms second edition of the campaign for 2017

Maceió, November 30, 2016 – On Tuesday morning at the Best Western Premier in Maceió, Aloo Telecom announced the winners of its first campaign to honor the grit and determination people in the state. Dozens of inspirational stories of achievement that boost the image of local people were entered. Luiz Gustavo Rocha, Deraldo Francisco da Silva, and Ione Malta were the three winners in the inaugural year.

“Supporting innovative initiatives focused on local pride is very important to us at Aloo Telecom. In the campaign we wag to foster the development of best practices in the state, and to encourage our people’s inventiveness and resilience. Through these stories, not just the winners but everyone who took part, we want to encourage the creation of other initiatives, both personal and professional, that will make great contributions to our region. We started small and we are growing every day, because we are also natives of Alagoas,” said Felipe Cansanção, CEO of Aloo Telecom. The award ceremony was attended by company executives and business partners, as well as local officials, journalists and the finalists who sent in their stories.

The winners get a trophy and a 64GB iPhone 6, and have their stories shared in the company’s different channels.

This first edition of the campaign exceeded expectations. The competition received lots of submissions and 22 were selected for the final stage, from which the three winning stories were selected by a jury composed of actor Paul Poeta, Federal University of Alagoas tutor Leandro Sales, and journalist, Luis Vilar. “Just like Aloo Telecom, a genuinely local company that has overcome numerous challenges throughout its history, the three stories that we honored today are equally inspiring and deserve to be shared. The campaign exceeded our expectations. We are already thinking about the second edition,” said Felipe Cansanção.


Winning stories

Luiz Gustavo Rocha
Story: “My mother – a native of Alagoas”

Luiz was born in 1993 and was not wanted by his father – while his mother faced a series of problems when raising her newborn son. Without the valuable support of her parents, having been kicked out of home, his mother was helped by her brother and neighbors to survive.
From a very young age, Luiz worked in the fields. Now a grown man, he overcame all these obstacles in life and is now a professional hairdresser.

Deraldo Francisco da Silva
Story: A life full of stories

His life was marked by suffering. When he was a baby his mother fled with him in her arms from a flood that took everything the family had and killed a lot pf people in the village they lived in.

The family moved to Maceió to start again. Learning to read and write at the age of 11, when he attended first grade, he started to make progress. At 1989, aged 30, he graduated in journalism and started an impressive professional career. Today, one of the most respected professionals in the segment, he has won 21 awards for journalism.

Ione Malta
Story: A worthy native of Alagoas

In November 1999, Ione and two fellow teachers opened INTERFACE CURSOS & CONSULTORIA. They were managers and became consultants when we completed our graduate studies in Financial and Business Management. When unforeseen events happened in the lives of two partners and they left the company, Ivone was alone. It was hard to go it alone, running courses and consulting, coupled with the fact that she was a widow (with three young children). Always a battler, she had the idea of putting his eldest son, Thiago, who was still very young, in the company and he later became a partner. Seventeen years on the consultancy is a successful company. Under Ione 9,000 professionals have been trained in Maceió, 2,000 real estate brokers have been trained in Recife and more than 6,000 have been trained in Sergipe. Ione has won more than 17 awards, two of them international.