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“Thomas Monte – Unimed Maceió”

We contacted Aloo to have full redundancy. Today, all my units have this redundancy. I have fiber optic channels coming through more than one path, from a doctor's office to an emergency service. We live in a state that has a lot of difficulties when it comes to infrastructure. We had experiences in the past with other suppliers but, like any business, there is always a challenge so we have evolved together, providing our end - which is a service provider to Unimed - with more technology, a better system. So, throughout this journey we have looked for services that match this demand. Finally we found Aloo Telecom and we achieved our goals. It is a partnership that has been in place for several years and has been trouble-free.

Thomas Monte – Unimed Maceió

“Kléber Ferreira - Health Department IT Manager, Aracaju”

Today, a company that is not connected is not managed. Its files are not managed, it has no market share, it is not visible in the media. When there is a change, as was the case for Aloo, we notice an improvement in quality because of fiber optics. I say that there has been a gain not only in healthcare, but for the people who have benefited from having faster access to exam requests. What used to be done on paper, in saved files, is now digital and fast thanks to fiber optics. I have faster access than I had before. The improvement is in the speed with which I can access patient records because this system is digital.

Kléber Ferreira – Health Department IT Manager, Aracaju
IT Manager - Municipal Health Department, Aracaju

“Francisco Leonard - Companhia Hidro Elétrica do São Francisco - CHESF”

The Internet is now essential for everyone, let alone companies. Carrying out and receiving audits and sending information is essential for any company, especially one the size of CHESF, because we send and receive information related to transmission lines. The regulator, ANEEL, audits us. Aloo's services are important because it provides the Internet link. So, it's an essential service. We say a company that provides this type of service has to be invisible. When the provider is visible, it means there are a lot of problems. Aloo is today CHESF's main link.

Francisco Leonard – Companhia Hidro Elétrica do São Francisco – CHESF
IT Manager - CHESF
Aloo no Brasil

With the presence in a large part of the national territory, Aloo Telecom has infrastructure in 14 Brazilian states, connecting customers with fiber optics of the highest quality.

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