Since the beginning of operations in July 2003, Aloo Telecom has stood out on the market for its team’s commitment, quality, ethics and intellectual capital. A combination of these features has won widespread support and can be proven by the satisfaction of more than 3,000 corporate clients in the public, private and even residential sectors throughout the state of Alagoas.

Investments in state-of-the-art technology, professional training and social responsibility have always been priorities for Aloo Telecom. We have a professional team of engineers, technicians, consultants and other employees who are constantly being trained to provide and maintain the services we provide, fully optimizing our clients’ investments, be they financial, material and / or human.

Transparency and quality in business illustrate Aloo Telecom’s great objective: to create solutions that facilitate people’s lives, making their company more competitive through highly advanced technology.

Definition of the Business:

Facilitate communication of public and private corporations providing quality solutions “carrier class” based on next-generation telecommunications networks at an affordable cost providing clients with a competitive advantage and promoting digital inclusion.


A regional telecommunications company, a reference in the market for quality and profitability in its operations and the development of intellectual capital, recognized in the market for its ethics, transparency and best data convergence infrastructure in the Northeast.


To provide telecommunications services for public and private corporations in the Northeast, offering technological innovation, customization, quality, ethics, transparency, world class service and agility, fully satisfying the needs and expectations of clients, employees and shareholders.