Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – FCA

Problem: The global telecommunications operator serving Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, BT Global Services, had a hard time getting a telecommunications operator in Brazil with fiber optic and private frequency digital radio network access infrastructure approved for the FCA group and its Supplier Park in Goiana-PE because the large, well-known telecommunications operators did not have a satisfactory solution.

Solution: We were invited to present a bold and innovative project that met all the technical requirements demanded by the FCA group and BT Global Services. Aloo Telecom directors and engineers worked on this project for six months, focused on excellence and compliance with all the specifications required for approval of the solution. The project presented was the boldest and most secure Aloo Telecom has offered clients of this size. The various routes of our optical backbone and private digital radio frequency in the solution were allied to the best, most modern telecommunications and energy equipment infrastructure.

Result: The result of this modern and bold project was 100% client satisfaction with full operational communications in the links and a plaque praising the company as the best telecommunications provider after one year of service.