Tiradentes University Group (UNIT)

Problem: UNIT had a data communications and internet solution with two large operators and a local supplier. The operators were not able to serve some of Unit’s facilities, which is expanding its operations throughout Northeastern Brazil. The service provided locally was constantly crashing and the radio Internet connection at the units outside the city was not stable.

Solution: We presented a fiber optic project with high availability, bandwidth (Mbps) with more than twice the speed of the previous project offered by competitors and connections up to 100 Mbps (full duplex). All through dedicated internet access links.

Result: Aloo Telecom enabled Unit to set up Wi-Fi at schools, providing high speed internet access for students and connecting the remote units to the Unit headquarters in Aracaju – in the Farândia neighborhood. Aloo Telecom now serves more than 15 Unit addresses in Sergipe, Pernambuco and Alagoas