Alagoas State Court

Problem: Alagoas State Court’s former telecommunications provider gave it a virtual private network using the MPLS protocol with the possibility of applying QoS, but the link’s speed was insufficient for voice and video traffic on its data communications network.
Solution: Aloo Telecom successfully bid publicly to supply a specialized data communications network in order to interconnect the Court’s headquarters with its remote units. The implementation of virtual private networks using the MPLS protocol saved the Alagoas State Court money on its overall contract and provided speeds up to eight times faster than in the old contract. Besides increasing the speed, the project implemented a new telecommunications infrastructure with the latest equipment developed in parallel with the expertise of its staff to serve the Court.
Result: The solution allowed Alagoas State Court to launch a quality and efficient video conferencing service. The system allows prisoners to be cross examined from the the prison system securely and without transport costs, saving time and money on case processing.